Berkshire Bach Ensemble Legacy Archive

Dear Friends,

Most of you know that for many years, I have been the Music Director of Berkshire Bach, an extraordinary ensemble based in the Massachusetts town of Great Barrington, in the Berkshire Mountains. Beginning with its first concert in 1991 and as of January 2017, the Berkshire Bach Ensemble (the instrumental wing of the Berkshire Bach Society) will have played 111 concerts of Bach and other greats in solo, chamber and orchestral settings, including our Brandenburg Concerto series, Bach at New Years.

In honor of these twenty-six stimulating years, our resident bassist and audio specialist Peter Weitzner and I have assembled the Berkshire Bach Ensemble Legacy Archive, which features some of our best moments. Although unabashedly sentimental, we have enjoyed re-hearing every one of these live concerts and the exciting playing and singing of all our celebrated virtuoso artists.

Short of issuing these performances on CDs, we have instead decided to create a link to the website, which we are forwarding as a gift to you, our friends and colleagues. Although we all know how confidential the internet is, we are not offering this material for commercial sale, but rather to entertain friends, to stimulate and educate students and, as Count Keyserling mentioned to Bach when asking for what became the renowned Goldberg Variations, to provide “something cheerful to entertain me during my sleepless nights.”

A guide to the archive with details about the performances is attached. Please explore the phenomenal music of Bach and other greats, and enjoy this retrospective glance at our past and prospective glance at our future.

With the greatest respect and warmest gratitude,
Ken Cooper

Link to the Berkshire Bach Ensemble Legacy Archive RECORDINGS (click here)

Link to the Berkshire Bach Ensemble Legacy Archive  Table of Contents and detailed information (click here)