Berkshire Bach in the Catskills – June 13, 2015

Berkshire Bach in the CatskillsKC Photo (tux) cropped

Saturday, June 13 ~ 8 PM


Berkshire Bach Ensemble

Kenneth Cooper, Director/Harpsichord

Marjorie Bagley, violin solo
Daniel Khalikov, Kristi Helberg, violins
Irena Momchilova, viola
Alistair MacRae, cello
Peter Weitzner, bass
Paolo Marchettini, Stephenie Ng, clarinets
Ann Ellsworth, Rachel Drehmann, horns
Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper, narrator

The Catskill debut of the Berkshire Bach Ensemble, directed by the renowned harpsichordist Kenneth Cooper, features a program of Baroque favorites by Handel, Bach, Monteverdi and Vivaldi performed by the ensemble’s acclaimed artists. Vivaldi’s classic, “The Seasons” is here given a new sparkle, with Dr. Cooper’s humorous updated translations of the original sonnets performed by the versatile actor Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper, and played – with lots of added ornamentation – by spectacular violinist Marjorie Bagley. In addition, Kenneth Cooper will play one of his favorite harpsichord concerti, Bach’s demonic Concerto No. 5 in F minor, with his own fiery cadenza in the finale.

To open this festive event, the Berkshire Bach Ensemble will play the brilliant overture to Handel’s Samson, followed by the premiere of Montevertigo, a suite of Monteverdi’s marvelous and adventurous Scherzi musicali that Dr. Cooper has newly devised, which features our two very high horn-players, Ann Ellsworth and Rachel Drehmann, clarinettists Paolo marchettini and Stephenie Ng, violists Irena Momchilova and Marjorie Bagley, and bassist Peter Weitzner.


Samson: Overture (1741)   George Frideric Handel

Montevertigo, a madrigal-suite (1607-32)   Claudio Monteverdi  (Arranged by Kenneth Cooper)

  1. Zefiro torna (The west wind returns)
  2. Maledetto sia l’aspetto (The curse of love)
  3. Lamento della ninfa (The lament of the nymph)
  4. O rosetta , che rosetta (O rose, what a rose!)

Harpsichord Concerto No. 5 in F minor (1730)   Johann Sebastian Bach      
            Kenneth Cooper, harpsichord

The Four Seasons, Op. 8 (1725)   Antonio Vivaldi          
            Marjorie Bagley, violin
            Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper, narrator
            The Berkshire Bach Ensemble
            Kenneth Cooper, harpsichord/director                     

Presented by the Catskill Mountain Foundation
Evelyn Weisberg Concert Hall
The Doctorow Center for the Arts
Hunter, NY

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