Concert with Members of Orchestra of St. Luke’s

Saturday | November 5, 2016 | 7:30 PM
Berkshire Bach’s 2016-2017 Season 


The Program:

Prelude and Fugue in d minor  K. 404a  —  Mozart/JS Bach
(Prelude by Mozart, fugue from the Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1 #8)
Quartet for flute and strings in D major K. 285  —  Mozart
Orchestral Suite #5 in g minor BWV 1070  —  JS Bach/WF Bach
Trio Sonata in C major  DürG 13/ BWV 1037  —  Johann Gottlieb Goldberg/JS Bach
Orchestral Suite #2 in b minor for flute and strings  BWV 1067  —  JS Bach

The Musicians (click for bios), all members of the Orchestra of St. Luke’s: 

Elizabeth Mann, flute
Eriko Sato, violin
Anca Nicolau, violin
Liuh-Wen Ting, viola
Myron Lutzke, cello
Robert Wolinsky, harpsichord

“The Bach and Mozart Connection” refers to Mozart’s early exposure to the music of J. S. Bach, Bach’s sons and Handel at the Viennese home of Baron Gottfied van Swieten, a Dutch diplomat, librarian, music lover and patron of Vienna’s best known composers (Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven) who worked for the Austrian Ebach-mozart-imagempire during the 18th. He also collected manuscripts by the Bach family, Handel and other baroque composers when in Berlin serving as envoy to the court of Frederick the Great. Van Swieten hosted music readings at his home in Vienna every Sunday during which those pieces would be explored. Mozart found the music instructional and inspirational and transcribed many of the works, particularly the fugues for a string ensemble and gave him invaluable insight into their contrapuntal genius. Perhaps, also, historically, it is in a way the beginning of interest in performing music of an earlier time setting the stage for our own current concert programming tradition. It took almost one hundred years after Bach’s death for Mendelssohn to return the St. Matthew Passion to the Thomaskirche in Leipzig. Strange to think such a project would be ground breaking. To add further intrigue, all of the “Bach” works on the program have some interesting twists about their origins, authorship and instrumentation which will be discussed further at the concert.   — Myron Lutzke

$30 Open Seating
$25 Berkshire Bach members
Children and Full-Time Students free with ID

By Advance Reservation Only:
$60 Premium Seating AND Reception with Musicians following the concert 
$55 Berkshire Bach members

First Congregational Church
251 Main Street, Great Barrington