Bach at New Year’s 2013-2014

BACH at NEW YEAR’S: A 20th Year Retrospective

All Bach’s Six Brandenburg Concerti in reverse order

Put on your Berkshire Celebratory Best for New Year’s Eve!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at 6pm
The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, Great Barrington, MA
$85 Opera Boxes, $65 Orchestra & Mezzanine, $40 Upper Balcony
Berkshire Bach member discount $5/ticket
Tickets: 413 528-0100 or

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at 3pm
The Academy of Music, Northampton, MA
$45, $35, $25 ~ Berkshire Bach member discount $5/ticket
Students free with ID
Tickets: 413 584-9032 x105 or

Kenneth Cooper conducting
The Berkshire Bach Ensemble  

Berkshire Bach Society celebrates the twentieth year of its landmark Bach at New Year’s series, featuring the celebrated Berkshire Bach Ensemble directed by world-renowned harpsichordist Kenneth Cooper.

This year’s program casts a retrospective and somewhat nostalgic – even Bach-like – glance back at this annual tradition by performing all of BACH’S SIX BRANDENBURG CONCERTI backwards; that is, of course, in reverse order.

Beginning with the friendly and intimate Concerto No. 6, scored for the septet of two arm-held violas (da braccio), two leg-held violas (da gamba), cello, bass and harpsichord, the ensemble will steadily grow through the mischievous and dreamy Concerto No. 5with its flute, violin and harpsichord solos (including THAT solo harpsichord cadenza) and the echo-happy Concerto No. 4 which sports flute and violin solos, to end brilliantly with the brass-studded Concerti Nos. 3, 2 and 1 in Berkshire Bach’s famous “special” versions. Concerto No. 3, lacking an Adagio, always provokes the annual Berkshire Bach guessing game, as perhaps it did in Bach’s day: what will it be this time?

As always, the Berkshire Bach Ensemble boasts virtuosi from near and far – from Monterey, New Marlborough, Williamstown, Ashfield, Boston, Brattleboro, the Catskills, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and New York City (even Brooklyn).

Please join us to celebrate New Year’s, Bach, the Brandenburgs, strings, oboes, flutes, bassoon, harpsichord, horns, trumpet, timpani, Kenneth Cooper and the exciting artists of the Berkshire Bach Ensemble.