Program Notes, Past Seasons

Program Notes for Past Season Concerts

Eugene Drucker Recital Eugene Drucker August 2011
Judas Maccabaeus Seth Lachterman May 2011
Bach The Organist Seth Lachterman February 2011
Bach The Cappelmeister Berkshire Bach Society December 2010
Bach at The Thomasschule Seth Lachterman December 2010
Bach’s Collegium at Zimmermann’s Coffeehaus Berkshire Bach Society November 2010
Bach and the Gypsies Matthias Maute October 2010
Spring Choral Concert Seth Lachterman May 2010
Organ & Brass Concert Seth Lachterman Feb. 2010
Spring Choral Concert Seth Lachterman June 2009
Bach’s Christmas Oratorio Seth Lachterman Dec. 2008
Bach’s Christmas Oratorio James Bagwell Dec. 2008
Messiah Sing Seth Lachterman Nov. 2008
Bach’s Great Trios Kenneth Cooper Oct. 2008
Early Works of Bach & Handel James Bagwell Nov. 2002
Cantatas of Solace & Consolation Simon Wainrib, Seth Lachterman Nov. 2001
BACH’S Excellent Mediterranean Adventure – Baroque Music & Dance Kenneth Cooper Oct. 2001
Brandenburg Concerti Kenneth Cooper Dec. 2000
BACH – Pastoral Cantatas Kenneth Cooper Nov. 2000
BACH – Pastoral Cantatas Seth Lachterman Nov. 2000
In Peace and Joy Scott Metcalfe Feb. 2000
3 Bach Cantatas – BWV 8, 49, 111 Seth Lachterman June 1999
Organ Concert Seth Lachterman Feb. 1999