The Devil’s Trill

Eugenia Zukerman, Anthony Newman and The Voxare String Quartet
October 31, 2015
In “The Barn” on private property in South Egremont

Historically the 18th and early 19th century saw the rise of Spiritism. Whether this was caused by the ‘Age of Enlightenment’, the ‘2nd Reformation’ or other reasons— enter the beginning of Halloween as a festival for the family — with an abundance of music. This program is a celebration of music composed in the Baroque (and beyond) that resonates with spirits, both good and bad, but with sounds that will evoke devilish delights.

THE PROGRAM (subject to change)
La Notte ~ Antonio Vivaldi
Flute, string quartet, harpsichord

The Devil’s Trill ~ Giusippe Tartini
For violin and harpsichord

Concerto in d minor ~ JS Bach
Harpsichord and string quartet


La Lugubre and LaLutine from the Third Ordre and
Les Ombres Errantes from 25 Ordre ~ Francois Couperin
For harpsichord

Sonata Representativa in A ~ Biber
For flute, violin and harpsichord
Arranged by Zukerman/Newman

Concerto in D Major for flute ~ W.A. Mozart
Flute, string quartet, and harpsichord

Eugenia Zukerman and Anthony Newman will provide commentary about the music during the concert.

Anthony Newman and Eugenia Zukerman enjoyed a 20 year residency at the NY Public Library, presenting three thematic concerts a year in which they performed and read letters from, and documents from the times of composers from the 18th, 19th and 20th century.  Some examples follow:

Music, Madness and Monarchs
Exploring the musical interest of three tempestuous tyrants:
Napoleon, Ludwig of Bavaria and Catherine the Great

Music and Revolution
Music during the French, American and Russian Revolution